Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy birthday Joma!

Today we celebrate the 8th birthday of my eldest son Joma. He may be Romnuel Joseph to his teachers and classmates, but he will always remain to be Joma to us. A lot of people, especially his teachers, how we came up with his name.

The story began even before I got pregnant. My husband and I were already attending to the documents required for our wedding and planning our first baby. We both agreed that if it will be a baby boy, we will name him after his two grandfathers who passed away a decade before he was born. Yes, both my father and father-in-law both passed away on the same year, though different months. My father's name is Romeo while my father-in-law is Manuel; hence, we came up with Romnuel, in honor of his grandfathers.

Where did Joseph come from? Of course, it is my husband's name! Rather than naming my baby Joseph Jr., I simply added Joseph to Romnuel. What did my husband say? He cannot complain. He was not here in the Philippines when I gave birth!

But he did come home the day after I gave birth. He has to. You see, our Joma was born with imperforated anus. In layman's term, he does not have a hole in his rectum, so he has to undergo surgery that same day I gave birth. Though the surgery went fine, he still had problems moving his bowel out, which we endured for the first 6 years of his life. My son is tough and smart, and with prayers and strong faith, we won the battle! He was able to poop out his bowel, on his own, on June of 2009.

I love you, my son and I will always be proud of you.

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