Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joma Turns 8

We really do not know what to do to celebrate Joma's birthday. The original plan, as per his request, is to hold a party in school during their hour-long lunch break, which is basically good enough to have a lunch party. But plans changed when the government declared August 30 a holiday in celebration of the Eid'l Fitr (or the end of Ramadan). 

It was almost lunch when all my three kids went inside the room while I was working and they said they wanted to watch the Disney movie Cars 2, not in regular big screen but in 3D! They have never been to a 3D cinema yet so they were very excited with the idea. Although I know it will be expensive for us and we may go beyond the budget, how can you say no when all your kids have already set their minds into doing something even before they told you? Besides, one of them is celebrating his birthday! So I told them to take a bath and get dressed while I asked for a few minutes to wrap up what I was doing. 

Before proceeding to the movie house, we dropped by my uncle's house while waiting for Daddy who has to meet a client. All of a sudden, Joma asked me to accompany him to his Ninong Carlo's house, two houses away from my uncle's house. Unfortunately, Ninong Carlo was at work but his Ninang Ayotte, Carlo's younger sister, was there, who he has not seen for a couple of years now. To make amends to her shortcomings and fulfill his birthday wish, she gave Joma the amount needed to see the movie in 3D cinema. She also told Joma to come along with her and they went from one room to another, instructing her parents and brothers to give a gift to Joma, or else, give him cash. We were laughing so hard when they forced her brothers, who cannot resist because Joma grew up with them. We cannot forget they were responsible Joma learned the "double ack you" when he was only three years old. 

Just as we were about to leave the house, my husband arrived so we got engaged on a short chat. We learned that she and her long-time boyfriend will be getting married in a few days. Congratulations and best wishes to both of you! 

After a few minutes, off we went to SM-Southmall. we arrived just in time for the next screening session. Although Lightning McQueen is the kids' favorite, they were laughing their hearts out with Mater's antics. They were mimicking his gimmicks when we went out of the theater. Despite all the popcorn, soda and donuts the ate all throughout the movie, the kids complained they were hungry. So next stop: dinner at Chow King, one of their favorite fast food chains. As usual, they ordered the ever-favorite noodles and siopao. Except for Emann, who ordered fried chicken with rice, because he wanted a full dinner. Such appetite! 

With full stomach, we proceeded to National Bookstore to purchase a few school supplies  - crayons, pencils, pad papers, etc.  As expected, they went straight to the books section as soon as we entered the bookstore. They were allowed to get a book they wanted and they each chose an activity book. Joma did not buy any book. He has been asking for a Naruto toy, so I got a writing book for him, which he can use when practicing cursive handwriting. To give in to the celebrator's request, we then went to Toy Kingdom and looked for a Naruto toy. Unfortunately, they do not have any Naruto stuff so he contented himself with a Hot Wheels car, a new car to add to his collection of Hot Wheels. 

It was a long and tiring day at the mall but it was all worth it seeing that the kids had great fun and getting a never-ending thank you and lots of hugs from them when we arrived home. 

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