Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It Was All An Accident!

It was already almost 12PM and I have not received any text message from my husband if he is going to pick up the kids in school. He was not replying to my text messages as well. So, I did not wait any longer and went to school to pick them up. I hurriedly walked to school, decided not to take the public transportation so that I can get to school faster. There is a heavy traffic on the main road due to the road construction near their school. 

The two boys were already out of their classrooms when I arrived and were playing with their other classmates who were also waiting for their parents and guardians. Upon seeing me, they picked up their stuff, we immediately left the school grounds. I knew right then that they were already hungry, worse, possibly starving. 

As soon as we got out of the school grounds, we saw my husband and his colleague arriving on their motorcycles. I asked E-mann to go to his Tito Ruel, my husband's colleague, while Joma and I rode with my husband. 

Before hitting the road, my husband said we will have to stop by the parts shop, which is just a few meters away from the school. He said he needed to buy fluid for the motorcycle's battery. The road was sandy and dirty because of the road construction so we were driving slow. However, when he hit the brakes, the front wheel skidded and we lost balance. All three of us landed on the dirty road. Both of us immediately saw wounds on our knees. Despite the pain, we managed to stand up and pick up the motorbike, until I heard Joma cry. 

He was traumatized when he saw the blood on his cheeks. Seeing my son's blood flow on his face was the worst feeling I had! The owners of the parts store were nice enough to help us. they offered cotton, tissue paper, and antiseptic solution to clean the wounds. But Joma, being the always-afraid to touch his wound, cried even harder. Hence, my husband's colleague purchased the needed battery fluid so we can leave and go home as more and more onlookers were getting curious with the situation.  

We took care of Joma's wounds as soon as we arrived home. He was crying his heart out the entire neighborhood could hear him! While i was applying the antiseptic solution, I looked at E-mann who was teary-eyed while looking at his brother. I asked him why. He said he wished he was the one wounded so that Kuya Joma will not cry anymore. To comfort his brother, E-mann told Joma he will pray later so that God will heal the wounds faster. It was a wonderful feeling! 

With this incident, we decided Joma will not attend his afternoon class anymore after giving him first aid. We brought him to the nearest hospital for further treatment. Oh, yes, questions here and there. Understandably, the doctors and nurses were making sure that the wounds were caused by an accident and not for other reasons. He was prescribed with an antibiotic to avoid infection and the wounds will heal faster. When we arrived home, we allowed him to take an afternoon nap, which rarely happens since school started.

It was a good thing I left Eiya at home and E-mann agreed to ride with his Tito Ruel. They were not with us on that ride; otherwise, E-mann, who will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, will be a wounded birthday boy. God really looks after our family. In spite of this accident, we were still thankful that we only suffered minor injuries. To God be the glory!  

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