Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Stormy Birthday for our Princess Eiya

Our youngest child, Eiya, is celebrating 5th her birthday today! She is our only girl so we call her "our princess". 

We are supposed to go out today and have some family bonding time. It has been a month ago since we went out when our Kuya Joma turned 8. The plan is to go to The Lost Eden Recreational Park in Paranaque after our lunch int he nearby mall; however, nature took its course and prevented us from going out of the house. Typhoon Quiel is currently devastating some parts of the country. Though we are not experiencing much rain, logic says it is still not safe to go out during the storm. To make the situation worse, Eiya has fever since the other day. It is indeed a bad day for our princess! 

One thing I admire on her is her dedication on her studies and I am glad to see the attitude on my daughter. Despite the fact that she is not feeling well, she still insisted to go to school yesterday. She even said her teacher does not approve of absenteeism and will be upset if she will not go to school that day. Although I tried to explain that she has a valid excuse for her absence, I lost the argument. 

To make the story short, we stayed inside the house the entire day, updating ourselves with the effects of the typhoon while I went on with my other writing assignments. After lunch time, one of my husband's client called for a meeting, which gives us more reason to tell her we cannot go out because she has to rest and take their afternoon nap, which only happens during weekends since the school opened because they have afternoon class. 

They all willingly obeyed with a warning that we should have her birthday cake ready when she wakes up. Oh, God, how am I going to do that? I cannot leave the house in the middle of a storm and they are asleep without anybody to look after them. 

As expected, she kept bugging me for her cake when she woke up. Even as I tried hard to explain that I was not able to buy the cake, she would not accept my "excuse". She even frowned at me and said, "Excuse, excuses." This girl is indeed a brat! I might have spanked her. Good for her, Daddy arrived by then. He did not only bring home a box of cake but also a box of Domino's Pizza and a tray of pancit bihon. Daddy saved the day! And Eiya had a happy birthday! I love you, my princess! 

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