Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lost! (Part 2)

When the bus we were riding did not turn right on Gil Puyat Ave as we were expecting, we already expected it will take us longer to get to the cemetery. Fortunately enough, the bus took the turn where we least expected it and so we went back to the route we should take. Unknown to us, there will be another lost story to take place during the day. 

It was already 12PM when we left La Loma Catholic Cemetery. My sisters and my mom will proceed to Eternal Gardens Memorial Park in Quezon City where my grandparents (my mom's parents) were buried while we will go straight to the Heritage Memorial Park in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig to visit my mother-in-law's grave. Again, we took the LRT train, but this time got off at EDSA station. The kids were excited to ride the jeepney, but after learning that we will walk (again!) from the gate of the cemetery to their grandmother's grave, they requested that we hire a cab. Why not? Cars are allowed inside this cemetery anyway. I was laughing my heart out as we wait for the cab that will bring us to Heritage Memorial Park.

When we arrived in the memorial park, my eldest son Joma asked for permission if he can go to what he call "The Great Wall of China", because it really looks like The Great Wall. I allowed him because the wall is within the area where we can still see him. Moreover, he promised that he will be back after 5 minutes. 

While exchanging stories with my brothers and sisters-in-law, I lost track of time and then realized it was almost half an hour since Joma left but has not returned yet. I asked my husband to look for him but he failed. I started to worry. I trust my son. I know he will not go with strangers nor will he go anywhere he is not familiar. My husband told me he may have gone with his cousins who are strolling around the cemetery looking for the graves of the politicians and celebrities buried in the cemetery. Assuming! My mother's instinct tells me my son is not with them. 

After another couple of minutes, the cellphone rang. I gave it to my husband and I overheard a female voice. She introduced herself as Insp. Robles. She said she found Joma crying while walking around looking for us so she brought him on the guard house near the entrance gate. I said it! Before I can start with my speech, he left our place to pick up our son. When they returned, I saw Joma was too exhausted. So, I prepared food for him and assisted him while having lunch. After he had eaten, I talked to him and asked what exactly happened. 

According to his story, he was already on his way back but he cannot find the tent so he continued walking. When he got too tired and realized, he already lost his way back to us, his tears started to flow and people noticed him. One person told the policewoman, who was also looking for her father's grave that time, and pointed Joma. She approached Joma and asked him why he was crying and some personal information. Because she was wearing a police uniform, Joma trusted her and handed his school ID I told them to put on their pockets, just in case something happens. And the rest is history. 

We found out later that he was on the other side of the wall that's why he could not find us. Since he returned, he only stayed beside me the whole time we were in the cemetery. I am glad he learned his lesson. 

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