Sunday, November 6, 2011

A SpongeBob Birthday for Arkin

If you have been following my blog, you may wonder who Arkin is. All my three kids Joma, E-mann, and Eiya have already celebrated their birthdays, so who is Arkin? 

Gann Arkin Ortiz San Agustin is the son of my husband's niece. In other words, he is my children's nephew... and my husband's grandchild. NOTE: My husband's, not mine! It still does not sink in to me that I am already a grandmother. I am still young! 

He turned one last Thursday, November 3, but the celebration took place yesterday at KFC in SM-Megamall. I remember when my husband handed the invitation to me, I immediately showed it to the kids, who all got excited not only for the party but also because they will be seeing relatives again, which happens only on special occasions like this. Furthermore, when they realized it will be a SpongeBob party and that we will be riding the MRT going to the mall where the party will be held, their excitement soared high. They started jumping and running around the house. 

What is the excitement all about? First, they love SpongeBob Squarepants. E-mann's favorite blanket is a SpongeBob, which was a gift to him on his first Christmas. The two boys even have a SpongeBob shirt they wore on the party. Second, this will be their first time to ride the MRT. Two different train riding experiences within a week... and both their firsts, so excitement really far above the ground. 

Unfortunately, Daddy had to attend a seminar in the morning and we have to wait for him to arrive before we can leave because he left his cellphone at home so I cannot contact him so that we can simply meet in the mall. Thus, we arrived late on the party. The kids missed the game and other fun on the party. Sadness. 

Despite missing the games and other surprises, the kids enjoyed the food. They really love the chicken and crispy fries of KFC. They joined the singing of the Happy Birthday song and the blowing of the candles on the cake. They also received a very nice loot bag filled with goodies and candies. 

To make up for the fun they missed at the party, we strolled around the mall after the party and went to the arcade, where they rode a few carnival rides and played some games. 

On the way home, I asked the kids if they had fun. Their answer? "Of course... super!" With two thumbs up and hugs and kisses from them! Before going to bed, the birthday party was also included in their thanksgiving for the day. They also said a special prayer for Arkin so that he will grow up to be a good boy. 

Special thanks to Daddy Paolo and Mommy Cecil, Arkin's proud parents, for providing the pictures and allowing me to use them for this post. 

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