Monday, December 19, 2011

My High School Batch Christmas Reunion

December is not only the month of weddings and parties but also reunions among families and friends. What a nice feeling it is to see old friends and colleagues! I, too had my share of reunions last week. After attending the wedding of my former students and the birthday party of my former colleague's daughter, which was also a reunion of sort with her and our former students, I attended the Christmas Reunion of my high school batchmates. 

This is already the third year of our Christmas party, which has became a tradition for our batch since we had the grand alumni homecoming two years ago. I missed the party last year because it coincided with my husband's high school batch party as well so I ensured my presence for the party. I even helped in the preparation so that I can give an excuse to my husband just in case he will not allow me to attend it. On the other hand, I am confident that he will permit me because he knows I rarely go out. 

Coming from the birthday party, I tagged my eldest son Joma along because we also have a "date" with  two of his godmothers the following day. We took the MRT from Ortigas to North Avenue-Trinoma station. We rarely go to the city and ride the train so again he got very excited. From Trinoma, we took another ride going to SM-Fairview, then a jeep going to the venue. 

Taking the public transportation during the holiday season is stressful yet fun. I miss those days when we only choose between jeeps and buses to ride as there were no vans or train system in Quezon City yet. But the getting stuck in a heavy traffic while it is drizzling outside is no longer fun. To make things worse, we did not bring any umbrella!  

The party was held at North Olympus Clubhouse. As we arrived on the venue, we noticed that there were only a few guests so far. We were expecting it because of the heavy traffic and the rain. Dinner was served as we waited for more classmates to arrive before we started the program. 

As we got deeper into the night, more and more batchmates arrived. Some came in solo while others went to the party with other classmates in tow. A former classmate, who now serves in the Philippine National Police (PNP), even had a batch shirt, especially made for the party. Everybody had fun exchanging stories while we reminisce high school memories. There were also games and raffle prizes. After the short program, we danced the night away to the tune of the hits of the 80s and 90s, the genre of our generation. 

The venue is only reserved until 1 AM. We requested to extend the reservation because most of us wanted to stay and have more fun but the management declined. So we looked for another place where we can spend the rest of the night away and we landed on McDonald's Cafe along Regalado Avenue! 

Hot coffee, chocolate cake, and laughter were enough to keep us awake. It was almost 3AM when we left the place and parted ways. It was the first time in years that I stayed up late outside the house, not working but simply having fun with old classmates and friends. It was worth it because I know it will take another year or two before it happens again. 

Living in the south has made me miss my old friends and classmates a lot. It sometimes makes me think I should encourage my husband to move back to Quezon City. 

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