Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Wedding at Manila Cathedral

Whoever said that the word June bride was derived because most couples choose the month of June to exchange vows needs to review his statement. Statistics revealed that there are more weddings held during the month of December than the month of June. And I can say, I can attest to this. I witnessed three weddings this month and another one before the year ends. One of the weddings I attended was the wedding of two of my former students, Jowell Caldamo and Eloizza Tinana. 

The lovely couple Jowell and Eloi

When I saw Eloi's status on her Facebook account that Jowell has proposed and they are already engaged, I got really excited. "Kilig" is an understatement I could not help but send them a message to congratualte them for their coming wedding. Then last month, I received an invitation from them to attend their wedding and witness their exchange of marital vows. Of course, I confirmed my attendance without any hesitation. Aside from the fact that they are special to me, I love weddings! I am ahopless romantic so I guess that should be expected from me. 

The blushing bride
As I have mentioned, Jowell and Eloi were my former students in a university in Manila where I taught before I got married. I saw how their relationship bloomed from friendship to a romantic one, through the prodding of their classmates and friends, of course! And I will say their love story is one for the books. Their relationship lasted for almost 10 years before they decided to settle down and start a family. 

Admittedly, I never heard anything from any of them after I left the university and only rekindled the communication until we became "friends" in Facebook. The power of social networking in reopening the channels of communication with old lost friends and relatives. 

Not until this special event. Their wedding was held last Friday, December 16, at Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila. The garden reception followed afterwards at the nearby Plaza Trellis Moriones. We were surprised to see that the event coordinator did not put up tents on the garden. Thank God, it did not rain, unlike the past couple of days. They were blessed! The weather was good. You can feel the cool breeze of December, which added to the romantic ambiance of this momentous event in their lives. 

One of their principal sponsors is our department head, who is also our principal sponsor during our civil wedding. Now, we have more things in common! I was glad to see her and her husband once again after almost a decade. But what surprised me more is seeing her daughter, who is now a freshman college in the same university where she works. She was only in grade school then the last time I saw her. Time flies so fast! 

With the newly-weds and my former boss and her family

During the reception, I also had the chance to mingle and reunite with some of my former students. We enjoyed many hours of chatting and laughing as we exchange updates and relinquish memories of their college days. 

My former students

It was almost midnight when we left the reception. I would have wanted to stay longer and have more fun with the newly-wed and their college friends but we needed to go home because our eldest son has been sending text messages. He said he is waiting for us and cannot go to sleep until he is assured that we will arrive home safe and sound. Such sweet note to end the day! 

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