Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joma Turns 8

We really do not know what to do to celebrate Joma's birthday. The original plan, as per his request, is to hold a party in school during their hour-long lunch break, which is basically good enough to have a lunch party. But plans changed when the government declared August 30 a holiday in celebration of the Eid'l Fitr (or the end of Ramadan). 

It was almost lunch when all my three kids went inside the room while I was working and they said they wanted to watch the Disney movie Cars 2, not in regular big screen but in 3D! They have never been to a 3D cinema yet so they were very excited with the idea. Although I know it will be expensive for us and we may go beyond the budget, how can you say no when all your kids have already set their minds into doing something even before they told you? Besides, one of them is celebrating his birthday! So I told them to take a bath and get dressed while I asked for a few minutes to wrap up what I was doing. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy birthday Joma!

Today we celebrate the 8th birthday of my eldest son Joma. He may be Romnuel Joseph to his teachers and classmates, but he will always remain to be Joma to us. A lot of people, especially his teachers, how we came up with his name.

The story began even before I got pregnant. My husband and I were already attending to the documents required for our wedding and planning our first baby. We both agreed that if it will be a baby boy, we will name him after his two grandfathers who passed away a decade before he was born. Yes, both my father and father-in-law both passed away on the same year, though different months. My father's name is Romeo while my father-in-law is Manuel; hence, we came up with Romnuel, in honor of his grandfathers.

Friday, August 26, 2011

House of JCJEE Celebrates Linggo ng Wika

Last Tuesday, when Joma arrived from school during their lunch break, he showed me his notebook with a short poem written on it. He said that his teacher asked him to memorize the poem and he will recite the poem during their Linggo ng Wika program on Friday. I went through the poem, three stanzas, very short, I said to myself. 

I asked the kids to have lunch first and told Joma we will rehearse the poem later that afternoon, after their class. However, there were too much homework that I totally forgot all about the poem. It was already bedtime when I suddenly remembered that he has a poem to memorize. Teacher might ask him to recite it in school the next day so I asked him to memorize at least a stanza before going to bed. I was planning to have him learn the next paragraph the following morning. 

The next day, I woke him up earlier than usual and had him memorize the second paragraph. To my surprise, I did not have any difficulty waking him up and he even memorized he whole poem! I felt confidence he was prepared enough that he can recite the poem when teacher rehearses him for the program. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

July 2011 Nurse Licensure Examination Results Released

The result of the 2011 Nurse Licensure Examination given last July 2 and 3 has been released. I saw the result of the examination posted on GMA News website.

Browsing through the names of our new licensed nurses, I was both proud and happy when I saw my cousin's name, Joy Noel Cruz, among those who passed the examination. We have a new professional in the family! 

We knew you worked hard to finish your studies and reach your goal. We are so proud of you! 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mideo Cruz and Polytheism

An art installation of Catholic religious symbols at the Cultural Center of the Philippines opened last week. Unexpectedly, the artist Mideo Cruz created scandal and heated debates on his exhibit. 

We got intrigued by his work. What does this exhibit show that so many people got upset with it? Why did it create uproar with the Catholic conservatives? 

My husband finished Fine Arts in college so art appreciation is a thing for him. One night, my husband said he will be going out with some of his college friends to see the highly-criticized exhibit. I insisted on going with him. I may not be an artist like them, but at the very least, I know how to appreciate artists and their works. (I got 1.25 in Humanities 101! LOL.) Besides, I would also like to personally see what Cruz calls his “artwork”. 

Cruz, a 37-year old visual and performance artist, called his art installation “Poleteismo” or “Polytheism”. According to him, polytheism refers to the worship of relics and how idolatry evolves through history and modern culture. The art installation displayed is a blend of Christ and common symbols of pop culture.