Thursday, December 8, 2011

Party Time at Victoria Court

I remember two years ago, my husband and I received an invitation from the wife of one of our friends to grace the golden birthday of her husband. Of course, we were more than delighted to attend the event. His wife told us that it will be a surprise party and a private party so we have to keep quiet about the whole plan. But upon learning that it will be held at Victoria Court, I was the one who got more surprised! How can we party inside Victoria Court? 

Then, they told me that Victoria Court has thematic rooms, which allows 20-50 persons inside so that you can party and have fun! Until the night of the party itself, I was imagining how we can fit in to one single room. Furthermore, I was also bothered by what people will be thinking when they see us going inside a motel. The conservative part of me was not comfortable with the idea but the curious side of me insisted to go and see what is in store for us. I did not regret the decision we made. The room was beautiful and we had so much fun! 

So, when a friend invited me to visit Victoria Court in Pasig City and take a look at their party rooms, I did not hesitate to confirm my presence. Victoria Court-Pasig calls their super thematic rooms the Fantastic Four --  The Venice Room , The Oval Office, and Moulin Rouge, and Princess Jasmine. They are indeed beautiful replicas of the city of Venice in Italy, the US President's Office in White House, the setting of the movie Moulin Rouge, and Princess Jasmine's royal room. 

The Venice Room

The Oval Office

Moulin Rouge

Princess Jasmine

The idea of putting up thematic rooms was a concept of Managing Director Atticus King and their in-house chief designer Omar Palermo. They executed their ideas to perfection their abstract ideas for new themed suites and reposition Victoria Court where people can realize their secret dreams, gather together and celebrate. 

The Venice Room
It is without any doubt that Victoria Court is the best drive-in hotel group in town. They have taken the lead in introducing drastic changes how rooms should look like and what amenities the guests should enjoy inside the room. 

King said that the repositioning campaign of Victoria Court in the 90's changed how people react at the mere mention of "Tita Vicky", as the younger generation refer to the place, as it continue to attract different market segments with the party packages it offers. 

At Victoria Court, you can now celebrate birthdays, bridal showers, stag party, and even spa party! Yes, they have excellent masseuse who provide good massage service. I can assure it was good because I tried it myself. Sorry to disappoint you, massage only, no "extra service" offered. 

Austin Powers
Enjoy the party with your family and friends like you do in other places. This time, more private and more intimate. Their party packages include must-have amenities, such as: 

     5.1 Surround Entertainment System 
     iPod Dock 
     Cable LCD TV 
     Private Whirlpool 
     Hot & Cold Shower 
     Free WiFi Connection 
     Buffet set-up 
     Provision for 1 Private Car Park 
     Souvenir Items 

Of, course, party will not be complete without food. At Victoria Court, they make sure that you do not only enjoy the place and amenities that come with it. They also serve great food to add more fun to the thematic experience. 

Gone are the days when motels symbolize a secret haven for lovers, or a venue for "hush", "quickie", illicit affairs. Checking in at Victoria Court can no longer be considered taboo. Indeed, Victoria Court has grown a lot in terms of social perception. 

The X-Men Room

For more information regarding Victoria Court-Pasig, you can visit their website. You can also like their Facebook fan page to receive updates and information on their latest promos. 

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