Saturday, January 21, 2012

Experience 24K Gold Sense Facial Treatment at BlueWater Spa

Discover the power of gold. Whenever the word "gold" is mentioned, jewelry and bars first comes to mind. gold jewelry gives glitter and make heads turn. But did it ever occur to your mind that gold can improve your skin and bring out your beauty? You said never? Neither do I! 

So, when I received an invitation to experience 24K Gold Sense Facial Treatment from BlueWater Day Spa to usher the Chinese New Year, I did not hesitate to come and see it for myself. Besides, the facial treatment will be held on the day before my birthday. Consider it as a pre-birthday treat, as my friend told me. 

BlueWater Day Spa is a known haven for beauty and wellness here in the Metro. Since 2005, they have been offering various pampering services, such as Body Massage, Facial Treatment, Face and Body Machine Treatment, Hand and Foot Services, and Waxing Treatments. 

During the demonstration, I learned that gold has been used way back 5000 years ago until the time of Cleopatra because of its anti-aging benefits. It was believed that Cleopatra sleeps with a gold face mask each night to maintain her youthful beauty and keep her skin looking firmed, toned, and supple with a healthy glow. 

Hence, if you would like to be beautiful and glow like Cleopatra, I suggest you try the latest breakthrough of BlueWater Day Spa which they call the 24K Gold Sense Facial Treatment using 24K Active Gold Powder Mask that is gently applied to the face. 

The 24K Gold Sense Facial Treatment offers the following benefits: 

     minimize fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin 
     minimize pores 
     rejuvenate the surface layer of skin by accelerating cell renewal 
     reverse oxidation damage 
     enhance elasticity of the skin 
     increase blood circulation to give the skin a luminous radiance 
     facilitate the removal of toxins and wastes 
     assist in lymphatic drainage 
     slow down melanin production to prevent dark spots on skin 

Michelle of Rockstar Momma first tried it on her face. After getting a relaxing facial massage, it was exfoliated, steamed, and pricked. Afterwards, the 24K Active Gold Powder Mask was mixed with equal parts of water and blended until completely dissolved before a thick layer of the facial mask was applied to her face and was left on her face for 20 minutes. The gold mask was literally luminous as we wait for it to turn from luminous gold to matte. After the mask has completely set in, it was removed from the face and a toner was applied for moisturizing and protection. 

After her treatment, I tried it on my chin and neck. It was said that the neck and chin should not be disregarded as these parts age faster than the face because they have less oil glands. 

Pamper yourself with a 24K Gold Sense Treatment today and get a 50% discount. Offer last until January 1st only. BlueWater Day Spa have different branches located at strategic parts of Metro Manila. 

     BlueWater Day Spa - Ortigas 
     2/F Greentop Condominium BPI Bldg. 
     Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan City 
     Email Address: 
     Phone: (02) 727-8420 / (02) 724-0426 
     Mobile: (0917) 815-6659 

     BlueWater Day Spa - Makati 
     Tropical Palms Condominium 
     #103 Dela Rosa St. corner Perea St. 
     Legaspi Village, Makati City 
     Email Address: 
     Phone: (02) 817-3126 / (02) 817-5455 
     Mobile: (0917) 881-0092 

     BlueWater Day Spa - Capitol Hills 
     Capitol Hills Golf Annex Bldg. Capitol Hills Drive 
     Old Balara, Quezon City 
     Phone: (02) 473-0455 / (02) 435-0114 / (02) 952-4829 
     Mobile: (0917) 522-BWDS (2937) 

     BlueWater Day Spa - Eastwood 
     Space D Ground Flr. One Orchard Road 
     Eastwood City Cyberpark, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. 
     Bagumbayan, Quezon City 
     Email Address: 
     Phone: (02) 915-1247 / (02) 975-2499 
     Mobile: (0915) 234-7401 

     BlueWater Day Spa - Tomas Morato 
     #238 Scout Bayoran St. 
     Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City 
     Phone: (02) 486-5584 / (02) 794-5036 
     Mobile: (0923) 718-7101 

     BlueWater Day Spa - Cotabato 
     2/F Building 2 
     Alnor Commercial Complex, Sinsuat Ave. 
     Rosario Heights 09, Cotabato City 

For further information about BlueWater Day Spa and their services, you can visit their website. You can also like their Facebook Fan Page to receive latest updates. View more pictures of the 24K Gold Sense Facial Treatment here


  1. I would love pampering like this but only when its free, LOL! Otherwise I will just settle for a full body massage.

    1. I love freebies, too! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I know the owners of this place ... I hope you liked it and will keep coming back. :)

    1. I did not only like it... I loved it! I live down south but I will definitely come back. Thanks! :)

  3. astig. feeling mo ang yaman yaman mo na kapag nakabalot ka sa ginto.

    actually, di mo kailangan maging mayaman pag maganda ka na. haha.

    1. I agree! You do not have to be rich to stay pretty and young looking. Mother nature provided us with resources that we can use to stay beautiful.

  4. very tempting to avail of their services, i will ask my husband to come with me and enjoy the facial treatment when he fully recovers from his sickness :)

  5. I'll try to visit one of their branches soon. Parang gusto ko din mabalot saglit ng gold..pampaganda at pampaswerte. :D

  6. PROMISE!!! pag bakasyon ko pinas.. lahat pagpamper sa sarili gagawin ko!!!! would love to have that too!!! Thanks!!

  7. That looks effective. x I'll have a go.

  8. 24k gold face mask? it's the first time i heard of this, but how much? mahal kaya ang per gram ng gold ngaun...

    1. they are currently having a promo, 50% discount until jan31. if my memory serves me right, regular price is 3K for the face, then 1500 each for chin and neck. grab the promo na. :)

  9. wow,i like it .Just imagine a 24K gold on your face,it is not only pampering.feeling Cleopatra ka talaga. I would love to try this.

  10. I seen it to local artist but I can see it not like that in a paste form, it is literally glittered to gold with a cream and the beautician keeps on massaging it to a face,