Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Did Pope Francis Perform an Exorcism?

Did Pope Francis Perform an Exorcism? News have been spreading that Pope Francis performed an exorcism to a young man on Saint Peter Square after a mass last Sunday, May 19. Based on the video provided by TV2000, a Catholic television channel, believers claim that he indeed perform deliverance to a wheelchair-bound young man who is deemed to be possessed by the devil. 

It was reported that the Pope gave the young man a broad smile as he shook his (the young man) hand. But the pontiff’s facial expression changed when a priest came closer to him and spoke a few words. The Pope went more serious and immediately placed both of his hands on the young man’s head for about 15 seconds. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Earth Hour 2013... More Than Turning the Lights Off

Earth Hour 2013 More Than Turning the Lights Off
Last March 23, Saturday, the world celebrated the Earth Hour 2013. It was "lights out" for all homes and businesses when the clock stroke 8:30 in the evening on their time zone. Participants turned off their lights and appliances for the Earth Hour 2013. 

For the past two years since my kids were able to understand what the Earth Hour campaign is, we have been joining this significant environmental campaign of saving the planet. As a matter of fact, they were the ones who reminded me of the Earth Hour for this year. And they were excited about it! They even thought of various activities that will keep them busy during the hour when all lights and appliances are off. My eldest son suggested that we watch the moon and the stars while my second son thought of going to the rooftop and watch the last performance of Pyromusical Competition being held at MOA. Yes, we can see the fireworks from our rooftop. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Welcome 2013!

Let us start the year right. This blog has been inactive for a couple of months now and I promise to update it as often as I can... and I am starting it now! Let's get 2013 going!

May this year be more prosperous and abundant for all of us. God bless us all!