Friday, October 28, 2011

A Visit to LAC Farm: An Organic Lagundi Farm

It has been raining the past couple of days and the cold weather has caused cough and colds to my husband and children. Fortunately for me, I have a strong immune system so I don't easily get sick.

I always keep medicines for fever, cough, and colds for these kinds of emergency situations. However, the bottle of cough syrup we have on our medicine cabinet has gone out but their cough has not yet releaved. A friend recommended Ascof cough medicine saying that it is better for the kids because it is more natural and it does not contain any chemical ingredient. We decided to try it and found out for ourselves that it is indeed effective. 

A week later, I received an invitation to visit a lagundi farm. Remembering how the lagundi cough syrup helped my family a lot, I did not hesitate to accept the invitation. When I received the itinerary, it was only then that I realized we will be going to Ascof lagundi farm! I can feel the excitement ran on my blood! 

I left the house as early as I can to get to the meeting place early. Unfortunately, I got lost because the cab driver is not familiar with Ortigas area, or it may be his means so that I will pay for higher meter rate. Duh! 

We left Manila at around 8:30 in the morning and it took us almost three hours before reaching LAC farm, which is located in Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija. I was awed by the green environment and breathing fresh air gave me a wonderful feeling. 

Arriving at the place, the friendly staff greeted us and welcomes us with iced lemongrass tea and boiled sweet corn. Both lemongrass and corn were harvested in the farm. Learning that they do not use any chemical fertilizer and pesticides, I was once again amazed with their technology. 

The 42-hectare Leonie Agri Coproration (LAC) farm is certified as the first and largest organic farm in the country. This environment-friendly farm grows lagundi, sambong, and other vegetables, such as malunggay, ampalaya, eggplant, and okra. Pesticide-free lagundi leaves are harvested, dried, and pre-processed on the farm before being delivered to their plant where the cough medicine will be manufactured. Licensed pharmacists ensure that the processes adhere to the strict quality control measures stipulated by Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organization (WHO). 

After the healthy welcome snacks, we were guided to tour the farm. Seeing the vast landscape of herbs and vegetables growing organically, I was astonished with their discipline to stick with organic farming despite the many issues they encountered since the first day the owner started to develop the land. 

As they say, "LAC Farm: From cursed land to land of promise." Their faith and belief in God's promise that the land will be sustainable not only for the owners, the employees and staff, but for the entire community as well. The Bible verses displayed on every part of the farm is an evidence of their faith and how God worked to fulfill his promise to them. 

The tour also made me realize that lagundi does not only relieve cough, but it also works as a natural remedy for asthma. And when we use Ascof Lagundi, we do not only protect our families from illneses in the healthies way possible, but also advocate preservation of the environment as well as uplift Lagundi farming communities, where most members are minorities. Sharing their mission to promote greener lives and healthy lifestyle is my own way of assuring my children a greener earth and brighter future. 

This also serves as an invitation to other moms out there to take a more active role in the environment, health, and well-being of our children. You may visit their blog NaturalMomsPh or reach them through the Facebook and Twitter

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