Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Won! I Won!

Last Thursday, I received a message from the event coordinator of Impressca, the restaurant I blogged about last month. The message said I won a special prize from Impressca, based on the review I made on their restaurant after their advocacy launch. I got really excited! 

More than the prize itself, the fact that my writings are read and recognized, it brings more honor to me and I really appreciate it. It gives inspiration to write better as well as motivation to write more. 

As stated on their message, the prize will be awarded during the opening of Impressca's branch in SM-North Edsa The Block yesterday. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was very simple. At the same time, the awarding ceremony was more intimate as there were only a few bloggers who were invited. 

Yes, some of the finalists of the reality show The Biggest Loser were there, too! Art Mendoza and Angela Lupangco also graced the event. They allowed us to render an interview with them and nice enough to answer some of our questions related to their experience in the reality show, the changes their lives after the show and their current healthy lifestyle. 

Happy healthy eating with Impressca! Visit their FB page Impressca Salad2Go and click Like to get updates and more information on making healthy choices. 


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  2. Thank you! You may want to visit Impressca one of these days. I am sure you will enjoy their food.