Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet, Final Quarter for Candy Pangilinan

My kids love to watch Daldalita, an afternoon show in GMA, while they are having their after-school snack. They enjoy watching Daldalita and her animal friends. Earlier today, I watched the show with my children. I realized that the voice of Mother Daisy, the duck, is Candy Pangilinan's. It was then that I asked myself what is the latest with her. The question prompted me to do my research. Gee, I am glad to find out that she is still around even more than  two decades in the entertainment industry. 

Candy Pangilinan has joined the roster of talents of the fast-rising TV-5 network, where she is currently a part of the television adaptation of the classic 1980s teen film Bagets. Candy plays the challenging role of a single mom who has three bi-racial children: a Filipino-Japanese, a Filipino-Korean, and an Afro-Asian. Under the direction of Mark Reyes, Bagets airs on TV-5 every Sundays at 3 PM, after Paparazzi

Candy is also set to appear on upcoming television adaptation of another classic 1980s film P.S. I Love You where she plays the role of Dina Bonnevie's best friend. Despite the many best friend role she has portrayed, Candy is challenged how she will give the role a fresh and different twist that will set it apart from other best friend roles that she has portrayed. 

Candy has appeared on numerous television series and blockbuster films but she openly admits that she is still aspiring for more challenging roles in her future projects, such as a character with dual personality or a gay character. She thinks these characters will allow her to explore complex and inspiring roles that would be a major challenge for her. 

With the continuous, sweet blessings that she is enjoying both in her career and personal life, Candy cannot help but to feel grateful and at peace with herself. She has always believed that laughter is the best medicine, which she wants to share to everyone. 

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