Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Scandalous Chinese New Year Dinner at Mango Tree Bistro

After the 24K Gold Senses Facial Treatment at Blue Water Day Spa last Thursday, I went with a blogger-friend, Michelle of Rockstar Momma, to her place for a short rest before heading to Mango Tree Bistro in Trinoma to attend the Chinese New Year Dinner where we were both invited. 

Although it was mentioned on the invitation that we have to come in red Oriental chic, we thought that a simple red top will do. When we arrived at the place, it was already packed with guests wearing either red while others indeed wore red oriental dress. We got both excited as we looked for other blogger-friends and a table for us. 

The hosts and their staff were very accommodating. We were assisted on the registration table, who also greeted me when they learned that it will be my birthday the following day. Thanks to their registration sheet! They also led us to the table where one of the host's son is seated, who warmly welcomed us and asked us to join him on his table. Of course, we were more than glad to do so. 

While waiting for the program to start, a lavish dinner was served. Mango Tree Bistro restaurant serves exquisite Thai dishes. Unfortunately, I cannot remember their names but they are surely delicious and very flavorful. 

After the sumptuous meal, the program started as the emcee introduced the patriarch of the host family, his wife and two sons. Upon seeing them on stage, one will think they are a perfect, happy family, as reflected on their mood. They are also beaming with pride as the emcee mentioned each other's accomplishments. 

Until a girl shouting "Papa!" came in from one of the tables. She was introduced as Jenny, the oldest among the siblings. But instead of introducing her to the guests, she was told to shut up and stay in one corner. It seemed that her father was not proud of her, unlike her two brothers. 

As Jenny left, the program continued with a game, a quiz bee for all guests. Each table was grouped as a team and asked to assign a name for their team. We called our group The Fierce Dragonites. It was then I realized why there were pens and papers on each table. The answers will be written on the paper. It was a surprise for us that the questions were all about health, vaccines and child health, completely unrelated to Chinese New Year. Good thing we have nurses on our table. We did not win the grand prize but we placed second. Not bad at all. 

When the winner was announced and the prize was awarded, the family once again thanked the guests for gracing the dinner invitation while Jenny stood on one side of the stage as she cheered for her dad and brothers. But instead of appreciating her support, they got upset and started arguing, right in front of the guests! 

The emcee stepped in and defended Jenny. He explained that Jenny is one of the reasons behind the success of the company and people always look for her every time they do outreach programs. Unfortunately, the patriarch did not like what he heard and even accuse the emcee to be Jenny's real father. It was indeed a scandalous Chinese New Year dinner! 

I went back to our table as the patriarch of the family and the emcee were having a heated argument. It was at this point when a doctor from GSK Philippines explained what exactly happened. On her PowerPoint presentation, it was revealed that Jenny suffered from severe diarrhea during her infancy caused by rotavirus, the most common cause of diarrhea in the Philippines and all over the world. 

Statistics also revealed that diarrhea is the second leading killer of children aged 5 years old and below in the Philippines and worldwide. A child dies of diarrhea every minute in one corner of the world. in the Philippines, there are at least 13 children under five years old who die each day. 

She also shared the good news that Sec. Enrique Ona of the Department of Health has announced its intention to include Rotavirus Vaccination as part of the Expanded Program for Immunization (EPI) in 2012. This move was made in alignment to the goals of Pres. Noynoy Aquino's administration as well as the goals of Universal Health Care and move the Philippines forward in achieving Millennium Development Goal, which is also known as Reduced Child Mortality, by 2015. 

The presentation enlightened the patriarch and understood what Jenny has been going through. He then embraced Jenny and asked for forgiveness. Hopefully, the family will begin a new life loving each other as they welcome the new year. 

Oh, yes. The scandalous dinner was just a show! 

Mango Tree Bistro is located at the 3rd Level of Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. You can like their Facebook page and click here to view more pictures of the dinner as well as the show and the presentation. 


  1. I wear red traditional Chinese tops every Chinese new year. I'm not Chinese I just love eating Chinese food. I'm looking forward for the weekends I hope it will be glorious so every body enjoy the Chinese new year dragon show in Greater Manchester.

  2. This Chinese New Year, we wore yellow and green, as per advise of a Feng Shui expert I know. :)