Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to Create a Website

Fresh out of the university, I received an invitation to teach in one of the colleges in the city. It was a newly-founded school in another city where my parents grew up. I was so excited because I felt I was so fortunate to land on a job just even if I have not yet received my college diploma. 

I taught in that school for two years and I admit I enjoyed it so much that I did not notice it has been two years. It was during my second year in the academe when I realized I have the calling for the academe. I worked for my graduate degree and moved on to teach in a university in Manila when family got in the way. 

I gave birth to a baby who needs special care and we cannot find a nanny for him. Hence, I gave up my teaching career and moved to the call center industry so that I can take care of him during the day while my husband is at work. When he arrives, I will prepare for work and it will be his turn to attend to our son. It was a difficult phase for us. 

It was during my training in call center when I learned how to make a website and make money from it. The cases I handled from the calls I received from our customers also taught me how to debug codes and errors and deal with issues related to web development and designs. 

It was also during my stay in the call center industry that I realized I can also earn online and make money through blogging. Writing is my passion and I got very excited when I realized that I can earn from it. However, it takes time and dedication to maintain one so I decided to wait until the kids get older so that I can concentrate on it. I wanted to make an online journal of our family, the food we prepare on our table, and our trips to different places. I am looking forward that this is the blog that I have long wanted to make. 

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