Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Celebrate Modern Motherhood at EXPO MOM 2012

Celebrate the best of modern motherhood at EXPO MOM 2012 on May 5 and 6, Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 8PM at the Rockwell Tent! 

Upon hearing the phrase "modern motherhood", one may ask, "What is modern motherhood?" or more interestingly, "What is a modern mom?" 

Other questions like "What defines a modern mom?", "What does she value?", and "How does a modern mom differ from mothers that came before her?" also arise when we talk about modern motherhood and modern moms. 

Modern moms are active and empowered parents. Below is a list of modern mom personas as we try to encapsulate in simplified terms what a modern mom is. Do you see yourself in any of these modern mom personas? Or are you a combination of different modern mom personas? Read further to know what kind of modern mom you are. 

Are you a BELLY BLESSED MOM-TO-BE? We would like to call the expectant mom of today, "BELLY BLESSED". She is in touch with her body, an informed mom-to-be, and more often with an equally active and involved partner. A BELLY BLESSED MOM-TO-BE has the knowledge and products at her fingertips, which she uses for her own and her coming baby’s benefit. 

Are you a HANDS-ON MOM? The hands-on mom wants to be intimately involved in every facet of her child’s life. She is an active and ever-present parent. 

Are you a MOMPRENEUR? A MOMPRENEUR has her cake and eats it, too. She balances raising her kids with building and running a business. She finds fulfillment in being able to contribute to the family income, while feeding her passions and using her talents and skills in her business. 

Are you a FIT MOM? The modern FIT MOM is health-conscious because she values herself. She wants to be in the best shape possible so that she can take care of her family better and live better to reach her goals and dreams. 

Are you a TECH MOM? Admittedly, TECH MOM is the most "prevalent" type of our modern mom personas. From the name itself, TECH MOM loves technology and gadgets. She uses these gadgets to improve her life and stay updated. She takes advantage of technology to maximize her time, get in touch with family and friends, and fulfill multiple roles with the least effort and least time. 

Are you an EARTH-LOVING GREEN MAMA? The modern green revolution resulted to the increase of earth-loving moms who have adopted a natural lifestyle. In the middle of technology advancement, new discoveries and trends in products that promote easy and convenient living and instant results, EARTH-LOVING GREEN MAMA chooses to go back-to-basics, use natural products, and lessen the use of toxic chemicals and elements. She recycles and upcycles, and makes careful decision on her purchases to reduce her family’s carbon footprint. 

From the different types of modern moms mentioned above, what type of modern mom are you? Actually, each of us may probably have a bit of each modern mom persona. But regardless what kind of modern mom you are, it is just great (and fun!) to know what type we are and realize that in the end, we are all trying to be the best moms we can possibly be for our kids! 

To find out what the other different modern mom personas are, visit Mommy Mundo Facebook fan page. Grab a badge, join the Expo Mom Modern Mom Contest, and get a chance to win modern mom gadgets, products and goodies from Mommy Mundo and sponsors! 

Expo Mom 2012 is co-presented by Shop Mommy Matters, Philippine Association of Childbirth Educators (PACE), Anmum, GlaxoSmithKline, Sweet Baby Diapers and Goldilocks. Sponsors include CordLife Philippines, Cycles Mild Detergent, Cradles, Samsung, and Havaianas. Also supported by Crystal Clear, Tiny Buds, and Lactacyd Baby Bath. 

Media Partners include Manila Bulletin, Sense & Style Magazine, Style Weekend, Working Mom Magazine, Lifestyle Network, Smart Parenting, Crossover 105.1 FM, Urban Mom Magazine and Mommy Pages. 

CELEBRATE MODERN MOTHERHOOD WITH MOMMY MUNDO on May 5 and 6, Saturday and Sunday, 10AM to 8PM, at the Rockwell Tent! For additional information, visit EXPO MOM website. Hope to see you on this two-day event MODERN MOMS! 

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